Are You Ready?

When people come to me they want to experience changes in their lives - and I want to help them.  I usually attract two different types of people: People who need motivation and those who are already motivated.

Am I Ready?  People who need motivation & need help coming up with a plan - wrapping their minds around the fact that their daily routines are going to be altered. 

I Am Ready!  People who are already motivated & are ready to expand - transformation is already in effect! These people are looking for alignment. 

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to get a fine-tuned look at where you are in the need-to-make-a-change process. This will then help guide how we will work together, where to start and what areas to really hone in on right from the get-go. 

Are you ready?

What areas in your health & life would you like to change? In what ways?  Why?

Do you believe these changes will bring you happiness?

How do you think/feel these changes will improve the quality of your life?

Have you ever made changes to these areas before? If so, how did you go about it?

Did it feel natural to implement these changes?

Were you successful in achieving your goal? If so, for how long? Why?

Why does that previous method of achieving your goal no longer work for you? 

How will the important & closest people in your life react to you making changes?

How will these changes affect the nature of these relationships?

What about your day-to-day living will be impacted by the changes you will make?

Are you willing to make the changes necessary to support your wellness goals?

What is the biggest foreseeable challenge in altering your day-to-day to incorporate new practices?

What things in your day-to-day are you unwilling to change?

What changes are you afraid of?

Do you feel you are ready to take action steps - inward & outward?

Where is the most comfortable place for you to start?

Are you looking for motivation and a Personalized Holistic Plan?

Are you already on a wellness path? 

Are you looking for support to continue with the changes that you have already made?

Are you ready & willing to move out of your comfort zone?